About MCPA

IPM 2020 – October 14, 2017

The proposal for IPM 2020 to be hosted by the City of London is being pursued by Ward 2 Councillor Bill Armstrong.

Any pertinent information received regarding this proposal will be posted.


The Middlesex County Plowmen’s Association is an organization whose goal it is to promote agriculture and the farming lifestyle. The organization was established in 1925 when the first match was held.

The parent organization, Ontario Plowmen’s Association, was founded in the fall of 1910 a meeting of members of the local York association was held in the Richmond Hill Hotel to discuss the possibility of organizing a provincial plowmen’s organization. On January 6th, 1911, after much discussion it was moved by Mr. T. A. Patterson and seconded by Mr. W. H. Pugsley, “that we form an Ontario Plowmen’s Association” and that motion was carried.

indexThe Ontario Plowmen’s Association co-hosts the International Plowing Match injunction with the county association where it is being held every September at a different farm across the province. This year the IPM is being held in Huron County, September 19 – 23, 2017 in Walton, Ontario. For more information please visit: IPM 2017

To learn more about the Ontario Plowmen’s Association please visit: Ontario Plowmen’s Association

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